About Us


We are a leading brand born to collaborate in the order of your meals. Separata offers you solutions to fractionate, store and transfer your foods in a better and fresher way. Every flavor is unique, that’s why we help you keep it.

Every flavor is unique, that’s why we help you keep it.

About Necho S.A.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Argentine market, Necho S.A. has become a leader company due to the quality and variety of our products by providing solutions to people’s homes. As we are aware of the leadership we have, Necho S.A. applies its compromise with innovation and sustainability to businesses. Our capital, mostly argentine, is destined to meet the market´s demands and to daily improve the relationship we have with the consumer.

In order to carry out this task, we have an equipped plant with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified human resources that control carefully the quality parameters for the making of our products. We are careful with the fundamental guidelines to provide quality to the productive process, and we continue with our business compromise so in 2001, our quality management system was certified according to the international rules ISO 9001.